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Every year, 500 or so folks gather in a different city and spend two weeks traveling across the country together in the Great Race. A large number of that 500 stays the same year after year. We talk old cars, we drive old cars and we compete in old cars. But we don’t always know […]

There are not too many people who love the Great Race more than Steve and Janet Hedke. Like most teams who have competed in the race more than three or four times, the event becomes part of your life. And that is so true of Steve and Janet and their daughter Allison. And now that […]

Gary and JeanAnn Martin are dedicated Great Racers who have swapped to different cars through the years. Before their most current Chevy II, the Martins rallied in a 1938 Ford coupe affectionally known as “Maxine”. The car is Great Race-prepared in every aspect and finished in the Top 5 in its last Great Race appearance. […]

Dick Belveal, longtime Great Racer from the 1980s and 1990s, called the other day and said he was finally going to part with his 1936 Buick and he wanted to let current Great Racers have the first shot at it. The car is a multiple Great Race participant and always did well and had no […]

You can now watch the 2019 Great Race TV in the comfort of your own home. The one-hour show, which aired Nov. 16 on Motor Trend television network, is available on the Great Race’s YouTube channel along with hundreds of other videos we have shot through the years. You can re-live all of the action […]

Wes Thompson, a two-year veteran of the Great Race, is now the proud owner of an iconic motorsports event in Canada – Targa Newfoundland. Wes, along with fellow Canadian Scott Vidler as his navigator, made friends all over the West Coast during the 2019 Great Race in their 1939 Ford with their stuffed animals and […]

Great Racer Jesse Jameson visited Chattanooga, Tennessee last week from Connecticut while in town on a business trip. The family’s company, Vibranalysis, is part of a massive construction on the Chickamauga Lock and Dam on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. Team Vibe, which had two cars in the 2019 Great Race – a 1952 Fabulous […]

Ed and Brenda Hurst are selling their 1932 Chevrolet two-door that is Great Race ready. The car has its original interior that is in good shape and it has been updated to include hydraulic brakes, insert bearings in the engine and 12-volt electrical system. The car has won many Aces, which are still on the […]

Sharp Shooting in Texas

Three-time Great Race Grand Champion Howard Sharp also loves to hunt during the fall and winter, and each year he makes a week and a half long trip to northwestern Texas for a hunt. Mostly, he and his friends are on the lookout for big bucks, and as you can see Sharp bagged a nice […]

Great Racers Wed in Oregon

The Great Race is one big family, and we like to use the website to share news about the thousands of members all over the world. Lately, it has been sad news with the passing of Howard Jameson and Rex Gardner. In an effort to share some happy news, we are going to be posting […]

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