Great Race 2024 – Day 6 – Binghamton, New York to Providence, Rhode Island

June 27, 2024

Day 6 of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Coker Tire was an interesting day, to say the least. We started our day in Binghamton, New York and made an eastward trek on our morning route. We saw more hills and twists and turns early on, passing through small towns along the way. Racers were faced with many obstacles today, including mowing crews, tree trimming, construction and local traffic. This made for a challenging morning route, but we breathed a sigh of relief as we rolled into beautiful Montgomery, New York for our lunch stop. An awesome turnout of spectators came out to welcome the racers to town, as they grabbed a quick lunch and got back on the road. The timed portion of the afternoon route was much shorter than normal, as we had a long ride into Providence, Rhode Island for the evening stop. A special treat to the racers and support crew was a tour through Dick Shappy Classic Cars, which is less than a mile from our host hotel for the night. After all the cars made it through the gate, the scores were tallied and for the first time this year, we had a tie for the daily score. It was a tie between Howard and Doug Sharp’s 1916 Hudson and Brad Phillips and Dan Stahl in the Stahls 1916 Hudson speedster. The Great Race tiebreaker system determined Howard and Doug Sharp as Stage 6 winners. Tomorrow, we head into New Hampshire and Maine…let’s go!

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