Great Race 2024 – Day 5 – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Binghamton, New York

June 26, 2024

Today, we crossed over the halfway point on the 2024 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Coker Tire! Day 5 started where we left off in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and headed north to Lewisburg for lunch. The hilly terrain made for a challenging day on the course, and the hills continued into the afternoon, as we headed toward Binghamton, New York. We’ve visited Binghamton in the past (2011 and 2022) and we’re always blown away with the spectator turnout. This time, it was even more impressive as storms approached the area as soon as the racers began rolling through the finish line gate. The crowd stuck around until the rain picked up, but the racers kept rolling in throughout the evening. At the end of the day, it was Team 66 of Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry taking home top honors for the day with an incredible score of 4.86 seconds. With that score, it ties Jody and Beth with the Gentry Sisters with a cumulative score of 28.35 seconds after five days. Take a look at some of the highlights…tomorrow, we go to Montgomery, New York for lunch and Providence, Rhode Island for the evening stop!

15 comments about “Great Race 2024 – Day 5 – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Binghamton, New York”

  • So nice to see these cars in Binghamton. Hope you will keep it as a stop on your route. Enjoyed watching them drive by on Penn Ave.

  • Where will the Great Race be crossing the Hudson River? The Bear Mountain Bridge?

    Would love to be able to see all the great cars, trucks and motorcycles ride thru our area.

  • It was great to see all of the cars today in Lewisburg. Really enjoyed the race. Hope the race comes back again

  • Wonderfully surprised to encounter these intrepid racers scrambling – some screaming, some smoking – up the mountain from Red Rock toward Ricketts Glen in NE Pennsylvania. Wishing all a safe, fun, exciting race!

  • So fun seeing the competition in Binghamton NY! What an exciting event, full of nice people. Even though it started to rain, spirits were still high. I hope they come this way again.

  • Wonderful to meet up with students on the Alfred State Power Wagon X-team. Some of their parents were able to visit, great folks, great kids, great event!

  • Beautiful pictures… Gods country, of course kinda partial , as I grew up out there. Glad your all being safe and having some great memories 🙏💕

  • The West Branch A’s had a great time greeting the Great Race Participants i Lewisburg Pa.. We parked cars and handed out welcome bags.

    We even were able to get # 145 a 1931 Victoria back on the road after a bad fuse was traced as the culprit.

    West Branch A’s President
    Jim Baskin III

  • no two ways about it – having the Great Race in Binghamton is better than Christmas morning for us car folks – we can’t wait to host again!

  • Who woulda thought that so many old cars would be seen motoring through rural pa. Towns like Liverpool, seven stars, mt pleasant Mills, Richfield! As small town as it can get.

    A friend told me that they say out and watched the cars go by. I wouldn’t have believed him except some of the photos were taken at the sharp turn arrows near seven stars and in a road called buckwheat valley Rd outside of Richfield.

    Congrats to the winners and all participants.

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