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Little did Scott Henderson know when he volunteered to represent his hometown in the Great Race in 2013 what exactly he was getting into. The team which was supposed to represent Mobile, Alabama, had to drop out with less than a week before the event was to begin in St. Paul, Minn. Local officials in […]

Seven Great Racers have moved up a division by virtue of their performances in the 2018 Great Race. Of course, the winners of the event, Jeff and Eric Fredette, have moved up from the Expert Division to Grand Championship Division. The Illinois team won the 2018 Great Race when it finished in Halifax, Nova Scotia, […]

There are several cars for sale that may be interesting for Great Racers as potential rally vehicles or just as historic pieces of Great Race history for a collection. First is a Model T that was very famous in the 1990s in the Great Race. A fellow named Rossi Morris, the Lone Racer, campaigned this […]

We have just learned that Great Race navigator Steve McKelvie has passed away at his home in Franklin, Mass. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Steve was a navigator for Harald von Langsdorff in 2017 and 2018 in a 1972 Mercedes 350SLC. He was 67.  Steve wrote extensively about his Great Race exploits as well as other […]

In the early days of the Great Race, there were many pioneers willing to take old races cars and speedsters and cross the country from one end to the other multiple times, and one of those men was Lewis DeLong of Lodi, Ohio. Lew was in every Great Race from 1983 to 1991 and although […]

The 2019 Great Race Regulations have been released for the upcoming rally season, and all racers are urged to read over them closely. There are no major changes from last year other than the usual updating of city stops and our continuing effort to clean up the wording. One major enforcement which will take place […]

As all Great Racers know, Rex Gardner and the Vintage Car Rally Association have worked hard for almost a decade raising money to donate to charity, namely Autism organizations, schools and chapters in need. Great Race has provided its venue since 2011 for VCRA to raise funds on its annual event which has led to […]

A pre-war Great Race veteran car is for sale, something we don’t see happen much any more. And this one is turn-key and affordable. It is Dale Bell’s 1936 Buick which competed without any problems in the 2013 and 2014 Great Races. Dale is a longtime Great Race veteran who has built many cars for […]

Two-time Great Race Grand Champion Gary Kuck has passed away after his battle with cancer. Kuck, from Lincoln, Nebraska won the event in his 1917 Hudson Indy car in 1998 (Tacoma, Washington to Haverhill, Massachusetts) and 1999 (Marietta, Georgia to Anaheim, California) as navigator. Rex Gardner was his driver both of those years. Kuck also […]

Dave Coon is selling his 1953 Chevrolet Club Coupe, which competed in this year’s Great Race with no mechanical issues. The car has the 235 inline six cylinder engine, Powerglide automatic transmission and has been upgraded to 12 volt charging system. It also has power steering. The car is equipped with a Time Wise speedometer, […]

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