Great Race 2024 – Day 3 – Marietta, Ohio to Frostburg, Maryland

June 24, 2024

We marking states off the list quickly on our first three days of rallying. Today, we left the host hotel and immediately crossed into West Virginia for a long day of rollying in the twists and turns. The morning route was a test of both driver and navigator, as the instruction booklets had page after page of precise instructions. In fact, on a stretch of State Route 23, there were more than five consecutive pages of speed change instructions. From there, it was a short blast on the highway to reach our lunch stop in Morgantown, West Virginia, where we were greeted by thousands of spectators. Car enthusiasts of all ages came out to enjoy the Great Race as it spent a few hours in town. We enjoyed a quick lunch and grabbed a Morgantown goodie bag on our way out the door. The afternoon route was full of scenic views, as we crested many hills along the way. Late in the afternoon, we saw a classic John Classen loop, where the racers would pass through the same set of turns multiple times. These can be confusing for the racers, but it’s all part of the challenge. Finally, it was time to drive to the evening stop in Frostburg, Maryland…once again, we were greeted by a huge crowd of local car enthusiasts. The setting in downtown Frostburg was absolutely beautiful, and we enjoyed some great comfort food after a long day on the route. Tomorrow, we mark two more states off the list on our way to Maine!

11 comments about “Great Race 2024 – Day 3 – Marietta, Ohio to Frostburg, Maryland”

  • Wow, so very cool. Those cars bring back a lot of memories. It’s really nice to see this. I wish I could see them in person. But unfortunately we are headed in opposite directions. I hope you all have q very safe and successful journey. Thank you Felicia Morgan for sharing these photos.

  • We stumbled a toss the cars driving on Rt. 495. A quick Google search let us know the great race was in town.
    A lucky coincidence to see such beautiful automobiles and talk to so many interesting people.
    Hope the Western Maryland hospitality will entice you to come this way again soon.

  • It’s now 40 years since my first Great Race, and I still miss it. We did it as a once in a lifetime adventure, not knowing I would have 10 renewals. Started as the Driver in a 1934 Ford in 1984 & 1987 and then did 9 more in Ted Holden’s 1935 Chrysler Airflow
    as a Navigator.
    1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 2001. Many Aces and
    top 20’s in the daily races and never better than 8th overall in the Championship Division. Met many wonderful people and saw the USA at it’s very best.
    It’s an adventure I recommend to all old car nuts. “To Finish is to Win”.

  • Loving seeing the cars pass. Set up a “Free vintage car repair” sign in case someone needs a quick repair on 32nd St. Purcellville. I’m sure these guys are meticulously prepared.

  • We were glad to be part of welcoming the Great Race to Frostburg Maryland. The cars and the folks were amazing. Truely a Car enthusiast’s highlight. Enjoy the journey!

  • Was sitting on my porch eating lunch, when they drove right past my house in rural PA on Route 235. I was wondering what was going on and had to look it up. It’s been years since I’ve heard about this race, when one of my dad’s friends drove it. Growing up my dad restored antique cars and we were very active in the AACA. This was a pleasant surprise today. I was excited for all of the participants passing by.

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