2024 Great Race Awards Banquet

July 1, 2024

The 2024 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Coker Tire is in the books. We had a great evening in Gardiner, Maine, which culminated with the Awards Banquet. We enjoyed an incredible dinner (lobster of course!) and watched the highlight video that Bryan, Pam and Maggie put together over the course of the nine-day rally. Then, it was time for announcements and awards. Nick Ellis from the RPM Foundation gave out awards and scholarships for select X-Cup teams. Great Race Director, Jeff Stumb announced dozens of awards, some based on performance, others that are subjective and a few that are just for fun. The last two awards of the night are always special. John Schmidt, Great Race Chief of Scoring, won the Richard Fredette Perseverance Award and Peter Prescott won the Tom McRae Spirit of the Event Award for his influence and support for the past 10 years of Great Racing. Let’s take a look at 2024 Great Race award winners.

Official Great Race auctioneer, Brad Phillips actioned off Mahan-Kapla Khalsa’s Ford F-150 for $20,000, with all money going to the X-Cup fund.

Katie L. Doherty from the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Gardiner, Maine Mayor, Patricia H. Hart giving Peter Prescott a document proclaiming June 30th as “Great Race Day” in Gardiner.

Coker Group VP Commercial, Mark Mooberry addresses the crowd, thanking the 500-plus drivers, navigators, support crew and staff for a successful 2024 Great Race.

Pete Barger of Southern Distilling Company said a few words about his adventure in the Southern Star sponsored Pontiac Bonneville.

The following photos are Scott Henderson X-Cup Scholarship recipients, as well as special X-Cup awards, presented by Nick Ellis of the RPM Foundation and Mallory Henderson.

Our Best Friend Award: Dave and Dean from the Maine Boyz

Best Dressed: Brad Phillips and Dan Stahl

Doc Fuson Trucking Award: Tony Stafford and Rick Conrath, 1972 Chevrolet C20

Never Say Die Award: Keith Pope, Sandra Berry and Maurice Gagnon

Best of Show Race Car: Sam Burg and Adrian Stevens, 1912 Haynes

Best of Show Classic Car: Michael J. Fiori, 1954 Packard Caribbean Convertible

Tag & Marybeth Lewis Best of Show Award: David Brogdon and Harold Taylor, 1936 Bentley Tourer

Coker Tire ACE Award: Bob Marak and Jim Caudle

3rd Place X-Cup: Auburn, Indiana, Jack Pontius, Connor Miller and Leo Powell (not pictured), 4m27.89s

2nd Place X-Cup: Galax, Virginia, Tom Littrell, Nathaniel Donley and Meg Donley, 3m22.80s

1st Place X-Cup: Stones River AACA, Jeremy Byrd, Matt Norman, Annie Holland and Carson Byrd, 3m13.07s

5th Place Rookie: Paul and AJ Bloomfield, 6m38.00s

4th Place Rookie: Jamie Nonni and Kevin Gross, 5m05.00s

3rd Place Rookie: Brian Turner and Brandon Way, 4m35.00s

2nd Place Rookie: Bill and Sharon Frye, 4m33.00s

1st Place Rookie: Dave and Liz Wallace, 4m24.00s

5th Place Sportsman, Craig Amundson and Jeff Mischke, 2m53.00s

4th Place Sportsman: Anna Holder and Della Smith, 2m40.00s

3rd Place Sportsman: Sean and Brendan Gilligan, 2m37.00s

2nd Place Sportsman: Charles, Colin and Lauren Brockway, 2m26.21s

1st Place Sportsman (9th Place Overall): Christine and Peter LaMountain, 1m46.60s

5th Place Expert (10th Place Overall): Erin Liberty and Ron Rowland, 1m51.00s

4th Place Expert (8th Place Overall): Erin and Brad Kaplan, 1m43.00s

3rd Place Expert (7th Place Overall): Eric Frankenberger and Aaron Read, 1m38.00s

2nd Place Expert (6th Place Overall: Gary and Jean Ann Martin, 1m25.05s

1st Place Expert (5th Place Overall): Neil Myerscough and Shanna Chatraw, 1m22.82s

4th Place Grand Champion and 4th Place Overall: Jeff and Eric Fredette, 1m15.80s

3rd Place Grand Champion and 3rd Place Overall: Olivia and Genna Gentry, 1m12.09s

2nd Place Grand Champion and 2nd Place Overall: Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, 1m07.23s

1st Place Grand Champion and Overall Winner: Howard and Doug Sharp, 1m00.06s

Richard Fredette Perseverance Award: John Schmidt, Great Race Chief of Scoring

Tom McRae Spirit of the Event Award: Peter Prescott

4 comments about “2024 Great Race Awards Banquet”

  • First time as a spectator. Watched the competitors arrive in Lawrenceburg. Very interesting. I wish you would have told the vehicle the winners drove.

  • Congratulations to all the winners. The Great Race staff is the best thanks for all you do for us competitors. Congratulations to all who finished as we know to finish is to win .

  • Congratulations to all the winners!
    I met some gentlemen #151 in the great race.
    They had a 1969 yellow charger.

  • I watched the start in Owensboro. Talked to a lot of the participants, don’t remember their names but I do remember their cars. Wish you would have posted the cars they drove.

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