Great Race 2024 – Day 7 – Providence, Rhode Island to Freeport, Maine

June 28, 2024

Welcome to Maine! We’ve finally made our way into Maine after seven days of rallying through 12 other states. Today, we started off in Providence, Rhode Island and quickly made our way into Massachusetts and then New Hampshire. The air was crisp and cool, and the skies were a special kind of blue, making for a beautiful day of rallying. The course was another challenging one, with many quick turns, and lots of local traffic on the roads to provide an additional challenge. We crossed into Loudon, New Hampshire for lunch at the New England Racing Museum. Dick Berggren greeted us as we came in and it was quite a treat to see the collection of racing artifacts he and his staff have assembled at the museum. New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu also joined us for the lunch! We had a very quick restart after lunch and hit the course hard with many more quick turns as we crossed into Maine and eventually made our way to the evening stop in Freeport, Maine. Thousands of people filled the street as we parked the Great Race cars along all of the great shops, including the giant L.L. Bean facility. The scoring staff had a tough time with the final tally on Stage 7, but it was the team of Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry taking top honors with a score of 5.67 seconds. Tomorrow we rally to Seal Cove and Owls Head, visiting two amazing museums along the way. Stay tuned as we head into Championship Days, where every leg counts and things get tight!

11 comments about “Great Race 2024 – Day 7 – Providence, Rhode Island to Freeport, Maine”

  • My wife and I had a blast in Loudon today. The New England Racing Museum personnel were gracious and welcoming (special kudos to the parking crew) and the participants enthusiastically showed off their cars. Thanks to all for this great event!

  • I dragged out my Adirondack chair and watched the Great Race pass by my house in Bucksport, Maine. Too cool! A great mix of muscle cars and antiques.

  • Thanks for the daily updates- we were at Owensboro Ky for the departure and have been following along via email- GREAT!!

  • From Frankfort, ME, ON THE Loggin Road
    I was out mowing and watched all the beautiful cars pass my house. I did manage to get photos of the last 20 cars.

  • Saw our good friends 1931 Model A four door Town car with red wheels and radiator temperature indicator on Google! Rookies, they said The Great Race is a lifetime highlight adventure and are loving every moment!! Wonderful! Maybe 2026 for us in our 1959 TR3A!!

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