If This is Monday…

June 23, 2014

What inspiring crowds we’ve had all along the route! Today at East Stroudsburg and this evening at Valley Forge, the enthusiasm has been great! Large, knowledgeable crowds have greeted us at every stop. One of the things that I get to hear everyday that the racers don’t is the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. At each stop, I’ve thought, “This is the best anthemist I’ve ever heard”.   At each stop, it seems that the singing of that anthem just gets better!
Today was a tough day of competition and it appears as I look from the hotel room out on to the parking lot that there will be a number of teams putting in long hours to get their vehicles back in to the race by morning. Each evening at the finish line, if a race team needs a part or some form of assistance, “MotorMouth” puts out the call…last night for an oil cap for a ’62 VW, tonight, a transmission for a ’32-’34 Model B Ford… The amazing thing is that I have never asked for help that someone in the crowd hasn’t come to the rescue, and that goes for tonight. Who would have thought that someone out there would have the needed transmission and then offer to help install it? That’s exactly what’s happening right now, right below in the dark, with flashlights the only source of light…and that’s the uniqueness of the Great Race!

5 comments about “If This is Monday…”

  • Are you staying on Hwy 17 through Georgia? Or will you be on I 95 at all..

    I can see a general route, but not a specific one.

    Thanks….. Jay…

  • Motormouth, today’s SSB was AWESOME! She did a great job! And it was great seeing you and all the competitors today. Wish I was going…

    Jay, the routes are never released beforehand. They will probably be on 17 from time to time, but not too long – they usually use less traveled roads. Think one lane blacktop. O got lucky today and happened upon them as I traveled to the lunch stop. Other times I was sure I was going to encounter racers and later found they were almost an hour west of where I thought they would be. So you never know.

  • On behalf of myself and the rest of the Lost in Time Car Club, we thank you for allowing us to be part of history. Having the participants stop over in East Stroudsburg was an honor. Here’s to a safe journey to Florida.

  • We can,t wait to welcome you all to The Villages, Florida. The gals have a great performance prepared for you,,,check out our website for our pictures


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