Wrong-Way Menneto!

May 20, 2011

You may know the great aviation story about “Wrong Way Corrigan” who mistakenly flew from New York to Ireland when he was supposed to be flying to California … let me tell you about the Great Race legend “Wrong way Menneto”.  In 2005 we were Rookies with Jim Menneto (President/Publisher of Hemmings Motor News).   Our Rookie year we soon learned if we were going the same direction as the big blue Hemmings Dodge – we were going the wrong way.  That is unless they were passing us trying to get back on time.  (Please understand, over the past 6 years they have become VERY good!)  The fun part of Great Racing is no matter how many years you have done it – you still make mistakes … and hopefully laugh about it!   Remember Rule #1 – Stay on Course!

Hemmings is right on course with their donation of a FABULOUS one-of-a-kind Hemmings Hot Rod Pedal Car to the 4th Annual Auction for Autism!  The custom built Hot Rod is Black with Flames and of course, the Hemmings Logo!   This Hemmings Hot Rod Pedal Car is perfect for your Kids, Grandkids or sitting in your shop!  Thank you Hemmings, we know it will make a lot of money for Autism!  Take a look at https://vcra.tofinoauctions.com/auctionforautism11/donation_items to see the Auction items we have in –new items are being received daily!

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