What does 40% Chance of Rain Mean to You?

May 4, 2011

Here we are in Oregon suffering through one of the coldest and rainiest years on record.  We have only had a handful of days over 60 degrees – yes, 60!  With luck there is a 36 hour window this week without rain and with luck tomorrow we can finally get our ’31 Buick Racer out of the house.

Now for you folks from across the country who have a rainstorm then sun; you must understand that it doesn’t really rain here – it just drizzles all the time.  I remember a couple years ago we were down at our home in Arizona doing some work.  I looked at the weather forecast and saw the next day had a 40% chance of rain.  I freaked!  Then the guy working with us said, “But that means there is a 60% chance it won’t rain.”  I looked at him puzzled.  Being an Oregonian I honestly thought 40% chance of rain meant it would rain 40% of the day or 10 hours … honestly!

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