Well, That was fun!

May 18, 2011

I will never forget on the 2005 Great Race we were heading toward Clovis, New Mexico on the typical back roads (with no center line) when we encountered huge winds – then torrential rains and quarter size hail.  A number of cars pulled off the road, but since we were topless we chose to continue on, very slowly, in search of clear weather.  The rains were blinding and Pat put an umbrella over my head to shield me from the painful hail.  (Dick Burdick suffered numerous bruises and a fat lip from being hit by the HUGE hail.)

Behind us was the Great Race Camera Crew in a modern SUV and we figured they would get some great shots of the cars in the storm.  (Afterwards they told us they were too scared to take pictures.)  Since I could not see the road I pulled in close behind a car with big taillights and followed his every move.  As the wind and rain continued we had to ford numerous flooded sections of the road while keeping an eye on the car ahead of us to see if it disappeared in the water!

As the weather started to clear we found shelter at a gas station with a canopy.  Right behind us motored in a very drenched Guy Mace, also in an open car.  Always the optimist Guy smiled and said, “Well, that was fun!”   (NOT!)

But what is really fun is the donation that Guy has made to the 4th Annual “Auction for Autism”!  Guy has generously donated two (2) Ozark Xplorer Canopy Tours at his Branson Ziplines & Canopy Tours to our Auction!  Check out our website https://vcra.tofinoauctions.com/auctionforautism11/donation_items to see the items we have in for ideas of what you can donate.

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