Grandma is Driving Topless!

May 8, 2011

Can you imagine your Grandma driving topless for 1,500 miles across America?  That is just what I am going to do this June.  Yup, our ’31 Buick Racer has no top – none – zip – zero.  To the best of my knowledge I will be the first woman ever to drive a topless Racer in the Great Race.  And folks ask, “What happens when it rains?”  The answer of course is, “Get wet!”   We have new rain gear, goggles and with any luck we won’t have to use any of it!

We finally had what we thought was going to be 36 hours of no rain last week.  It turned out to be 18 hours, but enough time to get the Buick out of the house and a quick run down our road.  Other than a brake pedal that I couldn’t reach, turning radius of a city block and some timing issues it ran great!  She’s back in the house for more work.  Later this week we are taking it back out on the road rain or shine – rain and 50’s is predicted – for a longer trip.

Racers and friends we are needing the information on your donations to the 4th Annual Auction for Autism!  Take a look at to see the Auction items we have in so far and let me know what you have to donate!

3 comments about “Grandma is Driving Topless!”

  • Pat, there haven’t been many. But ask Ty Holmquest about the times his wife Pam drove for him in their car. The Sharps own it now (not the Velie) and it was topless. It’s a very small club, though! Kudos to you for horsing that beast around.

  • And we can’t forget that Ginny Withers drove the ACTUAL Thomas Flyer that won the original 1908 NYP Great Race. She drove that big, chain drive open race car cross-country in ’86. The next year she drove the actual Bonnie & Clyde death car, bullet holes and all.

  • Reliving old wonderful memories of spending sixteen whole days with Ginni Withers in 1989. What a treat and a woman I will always treasure. Trying to get back in touch with her and Newt. Hope this will reach them. I am now living in Louisville, KY so next time they want to buy a car in Lexington I have room!
    Please call me!! 502-459-4765
    Joan “Sybil” Foret

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