When it’s too cold to race…

November 21, 2013


We like to share with you what Great Racers do when they are back home and not involved in the event. Recently we have told you about Chad Caldwell traveling to Montana to buy an Auburn boattail speedster, Scott Hudson breaking his collarbone while playing rugby in college, Raime Brown getting married and Jim Menneto traveling to the Lake Mirror Classic in Florida.

Well Howard Sharp has been on several hunting trips in the last month that have proved very successful, including bagging this 850-pound elk in the Pacific Northwest. It was 7 years old and had a rack that was 6X6.


Howard also shot a 13-point buck while deer hunting in Texas. His 74-year-old friend Charlie shot a Russian boar while there as well. And finally, when Howard got back home to New York, he got an 8-point buck.


Howard said he is glad to be back home in time for snowmobile season.

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