Warm Up Rallying in Talladega

April 17, 2013

Talledega on track

Taylor Merrill of LaGrange, Georgia, and his trusty Model A roadster have seen tens of thousands of miles on the Great Race over the years. Taylor, a Dairy Queen franchise owner, does not compete every year, but in the last 10 to 12 years he has probably competed more than half a dozen times, most with his son Todd at his side navigating.

Taylor is registered for the 2013 Great Race and for a warm up to the event he took his Model A to Talladega Super Speedway for a few laps around the track. While there, Taylor ran across an interesting sign and wanted to pass it along to see if Director of Competition John Classen would consider using it. What the sign is trying to convey is anyone’s guess.

road sign

3 comments about “Warm Up Rallying in Talladega”

  • Have any favorite sign photos? Send them to the Great Race and we will post them on here. My favorite was the upside down curve warning sign a few years back.

  • I find it interesting that for weeks after doing the Great Race I notice all the signs. I guess my brain and eyes are still in “Great Race mode” looking for signs.

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