Tulip Time Rally

April 12, 2013


The photo above is the start location for the Tulip Time Rally, which is the Pack Automotive Museum, in Farmers Branch Texas. This is a collection of 100 old and significant cars, that you can enjoy during registration for the rally. This collection is not open to the public. The rally will be the first annual “Tulip Time Rally”, named for the rally instruction called a tulip that we will be using. It was invented by a Dutch rallymaster of the Tulip Rally, a classic car event held since 1949, limited to cars built before 1971.

A new instruction type isn’t the only thing new about this rally: we are going to introduce our local rallyists to a new method of scoring, timing to the second. We ask you to drive a one-hour loop north of Denton, twice, in exactly the same time. The team that comes closest to that goal will be the winner. There will be a few bonus questions in case of ties.

The rally will be held on Saturday, April 20. Registration opens at 9am at the museum. The first car will start at 10am. Cost is $20 for SCCA members, and $25 for non-members. We will end in a Denton-area restaurant for a late lunch. Preregistration is at http://msreg.us/TTR13msr. There will be a $5 late fee in Farmers Branch for those who do not preregister. Those who do preregister will get the event rules via email prior to the rally. Because of rally experience, former Great Race entrants must register in Master Class. You are welcome to use Great Race methods and equipment.

The event is open to any street-legal vehicle, and there must be two or more people aboard. Course following will be easy, with mileages at most instructions. See the flyer at www.texasscca.org/rallytime/rally-events–results (click on flier for Tulip Time Rally).

This is the first rally in our local 2013 rally championship series. More information may be found in the above URL, or by emailing Sasha Lanz at [email protected].

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