June 16, 2016

This is registration/inspection day! MotorMouth’s task is to greet each team as they come through the registration process; in many situations, it’s a grand reunion, for others it’s a first time experience. As I welcome the drivers and navigators, I review with them the information that I have been provided regarding their names (pronunciation/enunciation is important), the team name and the hometown of both driver and navigator. It is also an opportunity for me to gather additional information that I might use as I welcome the teams to each of the stops throughout the 2016 Great Race. I also confirm the year and model of the vehicle in which they’ll be competing.
From this process, the teams have a variety of things to get done; vehicle inspection and stickering is followed by an opportunity to meet with Mentor Bill Croker to learn the nitty gritty about the rally aspect of the competition. There is a photo opportunity for the teams at the Golden Gate Bridge, some track time at Sonoma Raceway and/or a visit to Charlie Goodman’s Collection… a lot to fit into a busy day.
This evening’s special event was a hosted dinner cruise around San Francisco Bay aboard, “Zalophus”. Departing from Sausalito Ferry Landing. it was a tourist’s delight. On our two hour cruise, we witnessed panoramic views at sunset of San Francisco Bay, The Golden Bridge, Sausalito, Tiburon, and Alcatraz The cameras were busy the entire time!
And now, in the quiet setting of my hotel room I prepare for tomorrow…an early morning start with a general meeting at 7:45.
It’s time for some sleep!

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