Raime Brown is now Raime Wilson

November 12, 2013

Raime Wilson Wedding

Congratulations to Great Race Coordinator Raime Brown on her recent marriage to Eric Wilson. They were married in the Coker Museum on Saturday, October 19th, which just happens to be the location of their first date back in June of 2011 when Coker Tire hosted the Great Race kickoff dinner for the 2011 race from Tennessee to Vermont. The Wilsons are both avid motorsports enthusiasts so it was a dream come true for both of them. “We can’t imagine that anywhere else would be more appropriate or more wonderful than the Coker Museum for our big day,” Raime said. “We are very grateful to Corky for allowing us to hold our event in a place that means so much to both of us.”

Raime continues to enjoy her involvement with the Great Race as well as her role in tours and events at the Coker facility. Eric is the reliability engineer at Volkswagen America here in Chattanooga. Although they each work with vehicles from opposite ends of the spectrum, they do share the same passion for all things with an internal combustion engine. “It keeps things interesting and fun for us,” Eric said. “She knows about the old cars and I know about the new cars. It’s a good mix.”

Raime Wilson Wedding

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