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October 30, 2013


Scott Hudson and his grandfather John Hudson have been competing in the Great Race for a number of years in their 1940 Chevrolet. Even after going away to college, he and John have continued to do the Great Race. In fact, Scott has so much Great Race spirit that he shaved the word “Ace” and the number “60” in his hair before the 2013 event. An “Ace” is a perfect score on a leg (something every competitor shoots for) and the number “60” has been their car number for almost a decade.

Scott and John have been at it for so long that they have gotten pretty good. In fact, they posted the best score on Day 8 of the 2013 Great Race, regarded as the most difficult on the entire event. It has been heard many times that Scott has gotten so good at navigating that he should have to do it with one arm tied around his back.

Well, after a recent rugby accident, he had to do just that at the Pumpkin Run in Millsboro, Del. Scott broke his collarbone while playing rugby just a few days before the rally, but that did not stop him from showing up. So, with one arm tied around his back, he and John placed second overall in the event, just a few seconds behind winners Doug and Dana Sharp.

In other news from the Pumpkin Run, it was good to see Sister McRae – our longtime friend and longtime Great Race administrator. She is billed as “Queen of the Pumpkin Run” in Millsboro, where she has helped out since the first days of the event more than 13 years ago.


Also, first-timers Hal Everett and Ben Guliano from Honest Charley Garage in Chattanooga won first place in the rookie division at the Pumpkin Run. Hal has helped with the Great Race and the Coker Challenge for several years as a mechanic and Ben helped out with the Coker Challenge for the first time this fall.


4 comments about “More News from the Pumpkin Run”

  • Wouldnt miss a NorthEastRallyClub event for anything!

    Great friends, great food, and great rallying! Still not sure about next years greatrace with 3 summer grad classes… we’ll have to see. I know my grandfather would like to go, no doubt about that.

    Thank you for everything!

  • And thats two years in a row car #60 has posted the best score in class for stage 8, “regarded as the most difficult on the entire event.” Watch out! Haha

  • ‘It’s inspiring,’ said David Driscoll, a doctor who was working at the marathon’s finish line medical tent on race day. Because his son, Brendan, was born with an incomplete tibia and fibula, the elder Driscoll has also volunteered with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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