Model T Goes Around the World!

November 13, 2013

Model T World Tour

So you think it is tough on you and your car to do the Great Race? Well, our nine-day, 2,100-mile event is tough, but it cannot hold a candle to what Dirk Regter and Trudy Roorda have been doing in their 1915 Model T. They are in the middle of a multi-year trip around the world in their 98-year-old car.

Model T World Tour

So far, the couple from Holland has logged more than 30,000 miles – all on Coker Tires by the way – and they are only half way. We met the pair in Hershey last month at the Great Race tent, and they stopped by the Great Race office this week on their way to Houston. After that comes Central and South America.

Model T World Tour

What makes someone want to drive around the world in a Model T? Well, they are raising money for SOS Children’s Villages International, an organization that helps orphans worldwide. You can go to their website at for more information or to donate.

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