Great Race Coverage from McPherson College

November 19, 2013

The McPherson College Restoration newsletter came in the mail the other day, and there was a wonderful centerfold of the team’s experience on the 2013 Great Race from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.


The selected daily entries were taken from Joel Stocksdale’s blog during the race. He is a senior at McPherson College and is from Richmond, Indiana, which hosted a stop on the Great Race several years ago.


They chronicled each day of the race along with their victory in the X-Cup Division. They also noted that they would be back next year joining Penn College and three high school teams that have already signed up.

4 comments about “Great Race Coverage from McPherson College”

  • Awesome guys! Thanks for putting this up.
    Say, if you want a higher-quality pdf of this to share here, drop me a line and I’ll be glad to send it your way.

  • Great job! Looking forward to this year’s Great Race and oping you will be stopping at the Great Savannah Races Museum in Savannah, GA. For any fans of the Savannah races, I have a new book coming out by McFarland and if anyone has a copy or wants to order one from them, here is a link. All Great Racers are welcome to stop by the museum for free and I will personally autograph the book if anyone has one!

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