Jeff and Eric Fredette Win the VCRA “All Stars for Autism” Rally

May 15, 2019

Jeff and Eric Fredette in their 1933 Ford Pickup won the annual VCRA “All Stars for Autism” rally held in Joplin, Missouri, in early May. The Fredettes, who won the Great Race in 2018 for the first time, had an overall score of 0m24.64s. They were able to just squeak by another past Great Race Grand Championship team, Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, in their 1932 Ford, who scored a 0m32.68s to claim second place. Third went to the Sportsman team of Neil Myerscough and Shanna Chatraw in their beautiful 1960 Studebaker with a score of 0m38.54s. Rounding out the top five were Robert Dinges and Jeff Stumb in fourth with a score of 0m45.36 in their 1928 Ford Model A and Gary and Jean Ann Martin in fifth with a score of 47.04 in their 1964 Nova.

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