Rolling Down the Highway on the Great Race

June 21, 2016

We love finding scenic backgrounds while the racers are on the clock, but we also like to get shots of the cars while they are on the highway (which is typically when the racers are off the clock). Our media team calls them “Car to Car” shots, because we photograph them by hanging out of the window of our media vehicle. We love ’em, and we grabbed a bunch of them today on our route from Reno to Elko, Nevada. Good scenery, cool cars and the sound of roaring engines…what more could you ask for? Enjoy!

4 comments about “Rolling Down the Highway on the Great Race”

  • These are great! Enjoy all the cars but look for #3 every time. With Mike Weaver and my brother Charles Metcalf. Thanks for posting!

  • Go get ’em Mike and Charles, your buddies in Kansas are watching. You guys are killing it, are you going to have to get the bug sprayer out this year though?

  • Car 55- Nice pic!
    The Monday bump in the road is OVER… now FOCUS!
    Just checked…scores better already…atta Boys! Jack up on coffee or cola for the last hour as most of your points are coming at the end of your run on the last two days…just an observation…

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