Hemmings Motor News Great Race Preview

January 18, 2016

Hemmings Motor News has been the title sponsor of the Great Race for six years, but they are much more than just sponsors to the Great Race family. One of the things Hemmings does best is to promote the event to the rest of the classic car world. And they do that as well as anyone could.

After the race each year, Hemmings Motor News publishes a terrific article with dozens of color photos (it was 10 pages after the 2015 race!) to document it for those who were not there. And the Hemmings Daily, the magazine’s daily online outreach which is sent to old car addicts each morning by email, has been wonderful posting updates about the Great Race.

Hemmings also previews the upcoming event each year, and in their January 2016 issue they published the best overview of this summer’s Great Race anyone could ask for. We wanted to share it with you in case you missed it.

One comment about “Hemmings Motor News Great Race Preview”

  • As always, Hemmings is at the top of their game. Those who have never experienced a Great Race need to add it to their, “To Do” list. It’s an awesome event! Those who live near the lunch and/or overnight stops need to add the dates to their calendars!

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