The Hedke’s Return for 2013

March 25, 2013

Great Race 2013

Steve and Janet Hedke will be returning to Greatrace for 2013, but not as a team this time. The Hedke’s ’29 Ford roadster is still undergoing repairs: the chassis has been completed and a new rumbleseat body acquired, but family issues have prevented Steve from working on it for the last 6 months.

Instead, Steve has been invited by fellow Californian Tom Coad to drive his 1916 Hudson. His regular driver, Don Mussche, has family commitments for this race date and will be back in the left seat next year. Janet will be navigating for John Hollansworth. John had planned on retiring and has sold the Peerless Green Dragon, but he has been convinced by his longtime sponsor Hagerty Insurance and GR personnel to come on out anyway, and we’re glad they did. John will likely be driving a pre-WW2 Cadillac sedan this time. Allison will be staying home for this race.

Janet and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with both of these gentlemen. We’ve known them for many years and have always had great respect for them. They embody the spirit of the event, the never-say-die attitude that keeps them out on the road when they could be sitting home in comfortable retirement. We can only hope to still be Greatracin’ 20 years from now!

Don’t get used to seeing the Hedke’s apart. Janet, Steve, and Allison will be back with their freshly rebuilt ’29 A-V8 roadster by 2014!

The attached recent photo shows the Hedkes on March 23rd on a Triumph club outing in Malibu, California. Since there are 3 of them and TR3’s don’t come with rumble seats, they have 2 cars. These are both 1960 models, and ‘Red’ has 235,000 miles on her.

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  • Steve & Janet are good friends and great competitors. Watch our Great Racers, with them on two different teams they will be double trouble for the rest of us!!!

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