Great Race Veteran 1936 Buick For Sale

December 12, 2018

A pre-war Great Race veteran car is for sale, something we don’t see happen much any more. And this one is turn-key and affordable. It is Dale Bell’s 1936 Buick which competed without any problems in the 2013 and 2014 Great Races. Dale is a longtime Great Race veteran who has built many cars for the Great Race – from a 1916 Hudson to the Barney Oldfield submarine car tribute. But when he wanted a problem-free car to compete, he turned to this 1936 Buick. Dale even tented the windows and added vintage air conditioning to make the drive in comfort. He is asking $26,000 and he says he will throw in Great Race lessons to anyone who may want them.

If interested, you can contact Dale at [email protected] or 561-371-2351.

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  • We would love to see the car, promote it and see about making arrangement we are aspiring racers that would use the car to benefit charity drives for non-profits that aim towards women/children welfare, education and disaster relief. We here are fans of classic cars and one of our producers owns a 37 IHC D-30 and is friends with a WWII vet who wants to drive an old classic not the tired newer cars he has.

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