Great Race–Friday Pre-Race by Olivia Gentry

June 17, 2016

This morning everyone in the Great Race family (drivers, navigators, support and staff) gathered together for one last meeting before The Great Race begins. Throughout this meeting we were able to hear a few words from some of our sponsors at Hemmings Motor News, Coker Tire, Hagerty Insurance, Champion Racing Oil, Reliable Carriers, Vicari Auctions, and Rex Gardner from the Vintage Car Rally Association. After the meeting concluded, Rally School began. Rally School is held by the Director of Competition, John Classen, and veteran driver Bill Croker who has been a mentor for rookie teams for many years. Rally School is an opportunity for some to refresh their memories, and for others to better understand how this time, speed, and endurance rally works.

Once Rally School dismissed it was time to put the skills to use in the Hagerty Trophy Run. The Trophy Run is a last chance opportunity to ensure that the drivers and navigators are informed as to what was going on, and that all cars are running and operating properly. After the Trophy Run all Great Racers were invited to enjoy appetizers at the Peacock Gap Golf Club. Teams later went back to the hotels in hopes of getting a good night’s rest before the race begins.

See you on Fourth Street!

-Olivia Gentry

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