Great Race Clocks Named for the Late Rex Gardner

February 15, 2022

Anyone who has been competing in Great Race for a while knows that the late Rex Gardner is solely responsible for keeping the sport alive by starting VCRA back in 2007. He also managed to raise more than $1 million through the years for Autism. Rex was very instrumental in getting Sawtooth clocks for those who wanted to rally, and after he passed away in 2019 Bill Croker came in and kept providing the Sawtooth clocks. Then David from Sawtooth decided to no longer produce the clocks it looked like the program would end. But Craig Floyd stepped up to start building the clocks and selling them, and the clocks have been named in honor of Rex. Here’s what Craig had to say: “When David (from Sawtooth clocks) and Bill (Croker) retired from the clock program they decided to retire the Sawtooth name. We all agreed that REXtime would be a good choice for the next generation of clocks and they are produced by Auburn Rally Clocks (ARC). All the proceeds from the program will be donated to the X-Cup teams participating in the race. The first shipment is scheduled for early March. Price is $200 per clock with the $100 buy back program after the race.” You can reach Craig at [email protected] for more information about the clocks.

6 comments about “Great Race Clocks Named for the Late Rex Gardner”

  • I wish to thank you for the wonderful tribute to my brother Rex Gardner ! I know that he put his heart and soul into making VCRA the best training for future Great Race drivers and navigator’s I am very proud of the fact that our family helped with every VCRA ralley Thanks again from all of the VCRA ralley team. And as we always say ( MARK)!!!!!!!

    • Great tribute. You guys were a big part of VCRA! I’m sure Rex appreciated it! Love you Uncle Jacks and Aunt Rusti ❤️

  • What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man❤️ His wife Judy, his girls and his grandchildren are living testament of a life well lived… we love and miss you Rex🥰

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