Event Registration and Vehicle Tech Inspection Times Announced

May 23, 2016

Registration and vehicle inspection times have been set for every car in the 2016 Great Race on Thursday, June 16. Below is each vehicle’s ASSIGNED TIME at registration at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael. Tech inspection will follow 10 minutes later in the parking lot behind the Embassy Suites. No one will be allowed to come any earlier or later to pick up lanyards or decals.

Anyone who misses their registration time must come to the Make-Up Registration between 4:00PM – 4:30PM. Registration Check-In, located in the Santa Rosa Room at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael, is where participants will pick up the lanyards, which must be worn at all times during the Great Race. Teams will also receive their decals which will be taken to Tech Inspection, located right behind the Embassy Suites at the Marin Center and Fairgrounds.

If the competing team’s file is complete, then only one person from the team has to come pick up the registration packet. If the team has not submitted all required documentation, then everyone on your team who hasn’t turned in a form needs to be present before anyone will receive lanyards or car decals. This means even if a driver has turned in all of their paperwork, they will not be given their lanyards and decals until everyone on their team (including support) has submitted the correct signed paperwork.

Once you receive your car decals at Registration Check-In, you have 10 minutes to arrive at the Marin Center and Fairgrounds for Tech Inspection, where they will install your car decals. In order to keep the lines moving at both Registration Check-In and Tech Inspection, please show up at your assigned time. If for some reason your car is not listed, please email Casey Reese ASAP so she can assign you a registration time.
Registration Times 2016-3

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  • My wife and are Canadian and are just now considering this event for 2017 or 2018. We would likely like to do this in 58 Packard Town Sedan. 2017 might be too early for us so we would like to know not only about 2017 but also about the possible route for 2018

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