Day Two Offers More Great Rallying and Big Crowds

June 22, 2014

Day two of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty started off with a beautiful morning in Lowell, Massachusetts, and we went right into a tough day of rallying through lots of amazing New England scenery. The mountains are incredible, the air is clear and we’re enjoying every mile of it. We snaked our way into Bennington, Vermont for a lunch stop, which required crossing a few of those glorious mountains to get there. Bennington is the home of the Great Race title sponsor, Hemmings Motor News, so we thoroughly enjoyed our stop at Bennington Station. The Bennington Fire Department fed us well, and sent us down the road for more adventures. Keep reading to find out more about our day and see our photo highlights from the day’s rally!
After we made a quick visit to the Hemmings Motor News facility, we got back into rallying mode, and started a challenging afternoon route that sent us through the scenic countryside of Vermont. We then crossed into New York, and eventually made our way into the town of Poughkeepsie for our dinner stop. The day’s finish line ceremony was held at Shadows on the Hudson, which is located on the Hudson River. The views were outstanding, and more than one hundred local classic cars came out to join the fun. Tomorrow, we get up bright and early and make our way into Pennsylvania for the day. Stay tuned for more photo highlights, and watch our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates.

13 comments about “Day Two Offers More Great Rallying and Big Crowds”

  • Sorry we could not be in downtown Lowell because I can’t get around very well. But we were at the south common on Thorndike St. just off the Lowell connector with another couple screaming and waving as each car went by. We wish you all a safe journey and may God be with you all. Bob And (Iona Ford) Henderson.

  • What wonderful results of your work, showing here on this website. Thank you !!
    I do wish I was there with you all in my old TR-3, “motoring on” !
    I sitting here listening to Tibetian chant, horn, drums … thinking about the
    Mohawk Valley, and drums along the Valley years, centuries ago. So much History in New York and all the peoples’ history evident in our USA along your Route.
    Please drive with awareness, in safe mode. Thanks for the daily web update.
    Those drums beat on, pacing the rate of your progress….

  • Looking forward to meeting up with the race on Monday in East Stroudsburg and hopefully following along to Valley Forge, which is only about 10 minutes from home for us. The photos so far are great, so I hope to get plenty of pictures of the cars for myself. Maybe next year I can somehow convince one of my Corvair-owning friends to loan me a car so my wife and I can participate ourselves!

    “Corvair Jim” Ely

  • Jim and Mari, Sorry I missed seeing Bennington and the hospitality of your great Town. Darn I missed Lunch too! How was the Boudin and Crawfish Étouffée ? Oh yeah, I forgot you can only have those dishes in Crowley,LA. while on the Great Race! Better luck today! Have a wonderful time. I hope to see everyone in Chattanooga !! TKR

  • These photos are incredible—-love following along..we are still talking about the start in Ogunquit and the friendly drivers, navigators and crew. Answering endless questions with a smile! Safe travels!!

  • To all of you: I have never heard of “The Great Race” however yesterday Sunday June 22, as I was driving home from upstate I noticed many of you travling south on the Taconic State Parkway. I honked and waved because all of you brought such a smile to my face (to those of you who honked and waved back THANK YOU!). It was such a pleasure seeing such beautiful cars on such a lovely summers day traveling on the TSP. I know you do this out of love but please know how much happiness you bring to others, I only wish I had another passenger in the car (besides the dachshund) to take photos for me. God Bless all of you.

  • I can’t wait until a few hours from now you all pull into Valley Forge. I plan to be there. So glad this year’s race is so close by to see all the great cars.
    safe drive.

  • Can’t wait to see all of you this evening in Valley Forge! Looking forward to seeing my Dad arrive during his 1st Great Race!

  • Greatracers All:
    Sorry I can’t be with you again this year, but trust me, I’m there in spirit. Wishing one and all a great year of rallying with fair weather, big crowds, flawless cars, and no missed turns. It’s wonderful to see the Great Race succeeding with a full roster once again! My best to you all.

    Bob Mead, Fayetteville, TN (Greatracer 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006)

  • Yoshi and Paco, I hope you guys are having a great time. This is one of those trips you will remember for a life time!!! When I get my classic car I will be sure to participate!!!!

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