Day Three of the Great Race–Rallying Through PA

June 23, 2014

What a day, what a day! We started in Poughkeepsie, New York and made a long transit to the actual starting point of the day’s route. We had to navigate some road and bridge construction, but as soon as we were in the clear, the cars peeled off the interstate and onto the back roads. There were tons of hills, and the roads were pretty rough, so to say today’s route was challenging would be an understatement. Some of the heavy hitters had tough days (click here to see the day three scores), but there is a LOT of rallying left to do this week. Our lunch stop consisted of a wonderful visit to East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (on the campus of East Stroudsburg State University) and our day ended with a warm welcome at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Tomorrow, we hit the road and head south!


6 comments about “Day Three of the Great Race–Rallying Through PA”

  • Thanks for the great commentary and the pictures each night! We are cheering on a team from the green mountains of Vermont.

  • Along with Mary Riggs, I thank you for the great daily commentary and the pictures that go along with it. I have no favorites per se, but am loving the Model A’s and will be in The Villages to hear them come chugging in with that wonderful sound only they can make. Our daughter will be with my wife and I as she has special interest in The General Lee! Please have a safe and successful trip all of you.


  • My wife and I really enjoyed being at both stops on Monday (I was the big guy in the bright yellow T-shirt proclaiming “CORVAIR: Safe At Any Speed”). We have a timeshare near Stroudsburg and only live about 10 minutes from the Valley Forge Casino, so we know both areas well. Hemmings and the race’s participants are putting on one heck of a show for us spectators, and I want to tell you that we really appreciate it. I took the opportunity to talk with several of the racers, and they were all glad to take the time to talk about their experiences so far. Being a dyed-in-the-wool Corvair nut, I can’t help but root for the two Corvairs in the race, but as an old-school car guy, the sheer variety of cars is amazing to me too. Maybe next year I’ll be able to persuade some kind friend to lend me a Corvair so I can fly the colors in the Great Race myself. I’d use my own Corvair but had to sell it about four years ago due to the lousy economy. I’m glad that everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy their drive through my home state.

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