Day 2 Recap by Olivia Gentry

June 20, 2016

As we left from Old Sacramento, California we were greeted by breathtakingly gorgeous scenery as we headed into Gardnerville, Nevada. Snow covered mountain tops, beautiful lakes, and astoundingly tall trees were the epitome of our scenery. It was through this beautiful countryside that we entered into the second state of this year’s race, Nevada. Great Racers were happily greeted by Gardnerville with a hearty lunch and local car show. It was great to see all of the local car enthusiasts converse with the Great Racers before they enjoyed lunch.

From Gardnerville it was on to Reno, Nevada, known as the biggest little city in the world. From there we were welcomed and fed by the National Automobile Museum. It was at the museum where we were able to see the original 1907 Thomas Flyer which competed in a race in 1908 with an extremely difficult route going from New York to Paris.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Austin, NV for lunch and from there we will take on city number six of nineteen, Elko, Nevada.

Greetings from Reno,
-Olivia Gentry

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  • Great to see all the vehicles arriving in Reno, Nv. at the National Automobile Museum, Teresa’s Garage Radio Show will surely be chatting up the airways Tuesday on the show talking about the great cars and many of the female driver’s. Happy Motoring to all.

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