Get Well Soon to Great Race Legend, Curtis Graf

March 26, 2012

Anyone that has ever participated in even one Great Race knows the legend of Curtis Graf. I call Curtis my friend, but I don’t think there has ever been a person he has met that didn’t consider him their friend as well; Curtis is just that kind of guy that loves everyone and everyone loves him.

Curtis Graf Great Race Legend

Curtis is the only person to have competed in every Great Race since the first event in 1983, including winning the famous Ottawa to Mexico City race in 1995. I can’t imagine the tens of thousands of miles he has logged participating in the Great Race, most in his trusty 1916 Packard Twin Six roadster. Curtis told me once that his Packard was a 100-point car that won several national awards before he started racing it. “Now look at it,” he said. I think it still looks fantastic and is an icon of the event.

Curtis Graf Great Race Legend

The fenderless Packard in action!

Curtis was getting ready for another Great Race with navigator Ty Holmquist, but took some time this winter to take his grandson skiing. But word has come from Curtis’ wife Faye that he has broken his ankle while skiing and has had to have some major surgery. Faye says Curtis is doing good and will make the start in Traverse City, Michigan, on June 23, but that it is a little crazy around the Graf household as you can imagine.

Get well Curtis! We can’t imagine the Great Race without you.

–Jeff Stumb

15 comments about “Get Well Soon to Great Race Legend, Curtis Graf”

  • Curtis has always greeted us warmly ever since we started, and his Texas humor has always been appreciated, especially after a rough day. We’ve seen him in tough spots before, like when the fan broke on the Packard and they had to limp it in to avoid the DNF(they made it). I’m sure he’s agonizing over the race, and we hope he has a speedy recovery and that we can see him in Traverse City. Wouldn’t be GR without him.

  • Curtis is a GREAT competitor. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing the Curtis & Ty team in Michigan.

  • Thanks to all for the well wishes for my Dad! He is indeed a “fierce” competitor and will do everything in his power to get to race this year. I will set the record straight and confirm he did not have surgery–yet. We are hoping to avoid that and trying to keep him off the ankle and resting …. But this guy never stops going and going!!

  • Hey Curtis, Best wishes for a quick and painless healing. Mr. Pat wants to know – throttle or clutch ankle? See ya in Traverse City!

  • Hey Dad,
    Can’t keep a good man down! We will be praying for you. Sister, Sam and I still consider you our hero! Huggies to Faye.

  • This ‘minor’ incident won’t keep you away. I know that you’ll be there racing just like always. Get that surgery now and start healing FAST!

  • NOTHING will stop Curtis. Not broken engine parts, not broken car parts, nor any of his own body parts. The only thing that will stop Curtis, is Curtis stopping to help others. Get well and get your fun stuff done at the same time.

    Alan and Mary Travis

  • My goal is to best you at least one leg during our 9 day event. Hope you are well soon. See you in June. Jim

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