Clayton, New York Pit Stop

March 20, 2012

Clayton, N.Y., has been added as a pit stop on this year’s Great Race, with festivities planned for 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27, at the Antique Boat Museum on beautiful Lake Ontario. It will be the only pit stop on the 2012 event, but it will be a scenic one.

Great Race Pit Stop in Clayton, New York

The stop was recently added through the hard work of Clayton native Don Lingenfelter and the folks at the Antique Boat Museum.

After leaving Kingston, Ontario, Great Racers will begin their afternoon competition, but it will end before reaching the U.S. border at the Thousand Islands Bridge. Ample time has been allotted for contestants to go through customs and make the day’s finish line in Watertown, N.Y. But not knowing exactly how much time it will take each car to make its way through customs, we needed a spot to gather all of the cars on the U.S. side of the border to make a timely and orderly entrance into Watertown.

That’s where Clayton and the Antique Boat Museum came in. Like the pit stops from days gone by on the Great Race, each car has been given 20 minutes to stop, use the restroom, get a drink and a snack and take in the surroundings. However, since we expect each car to get through customs much faster than we are allowing, that will give everyone even more time to spend at the boat museum and downtown Clayton. Each car will be given an “out time” for leaving Clayton, and they will be able to figure out how much time they have to spend based on that time.

You can check on Clayton and the Thousand Islands area of New York at and you can learn more about the Antique Boat Museum at


One comment about “Clayton, New York Pit Stop”

  • Good day Jeff.
    I see the Great Race is going from Buffalo to Canada in 2018. If there is anything I can do to get Clayton on your map of upcoming events just let me know. It was my pleasure working with you and your people, getting such a great show to Clayton in 2012.
    thank you Don Lingenfelter.

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