A New Awesome Auburn in the Making

November 14, 2013


Chad and Jennie Caldwell will be participating in the 2014 Great Race in their 1931 Auburn, but not the one you may have seen in previous Great Race events. Chad traveled to Montana earlier this month and bought this 1931 Auburn speedster and is already tearing it down and restoring it for next year’s Great Race.

He has been looking for an Auburn speedster for several months, and he wanted one that had not already been restored. “I wanted one done the way I wanted it and the color combination I wanted,” Chad said. Word is he is considering a bright green body with black fenders.


For years, the Caldwells have competed in their 1931 Auburn, a re-creation of the Awesome Auburn that competed in the 1931 Indianapolis 500. In fact, they just had their best finish ever in the car back in June in the 2013 Great Race when they finished in the Top 5 overall.

Now they will have fenders and a top. “We really wanted an Auburn with a top,” Chad said.

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