2019 Great Race Regulations Posted

January 9, 2019

The 2019 Great Race Regulations have been released for the upcoming rally season, and all racers are urged to read over them closely. There are no major changes from last year other than the usual updating of city stops and our continuing effort to clean up the wording. One major enforcement which will take place in 2019, and it has been highlighted in yellow in the 2019 Regulations: no digital wristwatches will be allowed. Contestants are still allowed one analog or digital stopwatch and an analog wristwatch, but no digital wristwatches. Most digital wristwatches today have a stopwatch function which could be considered a second stopwatch.

Two other changes to note are:

Section IX.C.12.e now reads in its entirety: “Gear ratio change is permitted.”

And Section IX.C.22 now reads in its entirety: “Tires: Radial Tires are allowed, but they must be mounted on wheels in compliance with IX.C.23.”

You can access the 2019 Regulations by going to www.greatrace.com or by clicking this link: https://www.greatrace.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/gr_event_regulations_2019.pdf

As always, please let Great Race Director Jeff Stumb know if you have any questions.

11 comments about “2019 Great Race Regulations Posted”

  • Some old seniors, racers from the past, would like to be in the race as passengers in my 1973 Chrysler New Yorker. Four passengers, one drive. Is that allowed??
    These are well known Canadian, circle track, road course, and drag racers and mechanics. This would be their last hurrah. They all know each other for 50-60 years. Some are now sharing the same oxygen tanks.
    Can you help us by bumping these old guys up the wait list and we will bequeath you a 1887 chain driver Oakland with a tiller stick and 52 inch wooden wheels, coal oil head lamps, that is running and road worthy. You will also receive, driver’s gloves, googles, fireproof smock, and cap. Plus we will through in the original bill of sale, chancelled cheque, operators manual and warranty book printed on parchment.
    This is not to be conscrewed as a bribe, but a tax free gift.

  • I’m interested in being a driver/navigator/passenger in the great race.I’m a 63 year old retired teacher/Vietnam veteran..
    thank you
    Chris Collins

    • John: The race is sold out for 2019 and there’s a waiting list with more than 200 names on it trying to get in. The 2020 race will sell out in one week once it is opened up. We could charge a lot more but have kept the pricing down intentionally.

  • I am driving a 1939 Mercury town sedan(first year Mercury) original flathead, 82,000 miles, but has been rebuilt. Converted to 12 volt. headers, Vintage Air. New bearings and brakes. Looking for help with entry fee. Offering ride for the 2020 race.

  • Rich man , look at me club. I doubt there are any real racers. Sorry I even thought it was a real race. Just wanna be bikers. Just because you get a Harley. Doesn’t make you a biker. Like a drug store cowboy. Now money made racer. What a joke. I’m sure you could find a better way to waste money.

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