The 2016 Great Race Finishes in Moline, Illinois on June 26

May 12, 2016

moline river drive
The 2016 Great Race will end on Sunday, June 26, as the more than 100 teams cross the Mississippi River into Moline, Illinois and take the checkered flag on River Drive starting at 2 p.m. A winner will be crowned and that team will receive a check for $50,000. Another $100,000 will also be awarded that afternoon in front of the John Deere Pavilion to other teams from across the globe. Five teams from Japan, two from England, one from Germany, one from Spain and dozens more from all corners of the United States will participate. The event will end at 5 p.m.

Moline is not only the home to the finish of the 2016 Great Race; it is home to the Velie automobile, which was founded by John Deere’s grandson in 1908 and continued in production until 1928. And Velie’s attending the marque’s annual convention will line the streets along with other local vintage cars to greet the incoming racers. The Great Race will have its closing banquet in the I-Wireless Center that evening on the floor of the arena.

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