Great Day…Great Racing!

June 27, 2012

The fifth day is in the books! I must be getting a little tired… just tried to get into my room at the Holiday Inn using a Comfort Inn & Suites key! Tomorrow night I’ll pay greater attention to details!
Today has been terrific! Having slept in my own bed last evening, I travelled to Kingston this morning to be ready to receive the Great Racers there at noon. It’s always special to arrive to a location where there are familiar faces… friends and colleagues from my school teaching days were there to see the cars and drivers/navigators… just wish I could have visited a while. Like the circus, when the final act has been completed, the circus moves on! Arda, Tim, Larry, Mary and Ron… thanks for being there! Also there today Great Racers from 1995 came out. Al & Brenda Barden, it’s time to get that beautiful 1936 Packard back on the road!
From Kingston to the Ivy Lea Bridge, where we re-entered the USA. Everything went smoothly at the border. I was sorry to miss Clayton, NY… heading directly to Watertown to receive the teams. What a great setting this evening. The Fairgrounds provided a great venue, with lots of space, large and enthusiastic crowds and some great entertainment from “Oceans Below” prior to the cars.
Tomorrow the excitement continues as we travel to the home of the 2011 Great Race Champions, Howard and Doug Sharp. I’m sure Fairport will roll out the red carpet!

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  • I am so happy to have been a part of The Great Race I’m with the Watertown American Legion Post 61 Color Guard what an Honor to Kick Off The Great race God Bless You All

    • Thanks Mary,
      We appreciate you and your Watertown American Legion Post. It was a pleasure to introduce you in Watertown!
      Keep following the Great Race!

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