The fun begins for Team Coker Tire!

June 16, 2016

I’ve had some difficult issues the past seven months and the support of my Great Race Family has been an important factor in helping me handle a stressful time.  My goal has been to get past theses issues and participate in the Great Race. No one is happier or more excited to be in San Rafael than me. There certainly is a big smile on my face!

Now it is time to “get down to business”. Today we had registration, technical inspection and speedo calibration. We have our official badges, event schedule, measured mile route and our car “Marie” has all her decals. Running the measured mile on a rather busy highway was a little challenging but we were able to safely get a good run and made adjustments to our speedo. I have my highlighters, charts, clock and stopwatch so all is ready to rally.

Gary and I are excited to be part of the Coker Tire team this year.  We are proud to represent a great company that has done much for the vintage car industry.

–Jean Ann Martin

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