The fun begins

June 20, 2012

We got to Traverse City yesterday. We wanted to leave Maxine here then drop the trailer in Dearborn so it will be at the finish. There are a few racers here but I know by the end of the day there will be many more. This year our support driver is Joe Correia. Many of you know him as a navigator but because of work obligations his driver Bryan Dickson couldn’t make the event. We are fortunate to have him as our support. He will be driving our truck with everything we HOPE we do not need for the race. Joe is a very good navigator, his team was 2nd last year in Sportsman Division. So the pressure is on me to do good or Gary might decide to replace me!!

Today will be a fun day of seeing our Great Race family. Lots of hugging, talking and laughter. Not sure how good I am at “other stuff” but do fairly good at that.

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