Maxine is Ready to Rally

May 10, 2011

The excitement is growing – – – 30 days from now we will be on our way to Chattanooga for the start of the Great Race!

After reading the list of entrants it appears that we have a GREAT group of Great Racers for the event. It looks like it will be a very competitive event with the best of the best competing. I was also happy to see names of a number of rookie race teams. This is an exciting sport and I’m sure once the rookies see the fun and excitement they will be “hooked” on it too.

We are in final preparations for the Great Race. “Maxine” got tested at the VCRA All Stars for Autism rally two weeks ago. This was a great rally with many of our Great Race family. It gave us a chance to see how Maxine would perform in competition. After the first run of the speedo check on the day before the rally Gary noticed an issue with the alternator. Since he always has spare parts he changed to a new one and all was fine. I am please to say that Maxine did her job without any problems. I wish I could say the same thing for the people in Maxine. For some reason (which I am blaming on being old and having difficulty seeing) I got on the wrong line of instructions. After much “discussion” in our car we realized what we should do but that caused us to be late. As a general rule you know you did something wrong when you are behind Tommy’s sweep truck!!!

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  • There’s not much contact info on the website. Any way of getting a race schedule other than the route map. We’re trying to coordinate our car club to meet at one of the stopovers. Thanks!!

    • Donna, We would love to have your car club meet us at one of our overnight or lunch stops. Which location would be the best for you?

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