Interesting people

May 25, 2011

I certainly love to rally and enjoy the thrill of the competition but there is more to the adventure of the Great Race than the competition. You are wondering what that could be – it is the interesting people we meet while traveling across America. I’m sure all Great Racers have stories of those they have met, some make you laugh and some can bring a tear to your eye.

When we did the Great Race in 2007 we drove “Minnie” our 57 Chevy. Since this was a “cool” car that was driven by many in the 50’s and 60’s, Gary would ask if anyone had a 57 Chevy story they wanted to share. His favorite was the older lady who said her boyfriend had a 57 Chevy when they dated in high school. Gary noticed a little embarrassment on her face so he probed further asking her if there was anything she would like to confess. She grinned and said yes there was a “special time” in the car but it was ok because they now were married !!!!

Another interesting story was from a lady we met at a gas station. While she was filling her car at the pump beside us I noticed she kept looking at our car. I began to tell her about the event but she seemed much more interested in the car telling me our car looked the first car she and her husband had owned. With a sweet smile and tears in her eyes she said her husband was deceased and that day was their anniversary. She thanked me for being there on the day of her anniversary and giving her a chance to remember the good times in the car.

In just a little over two weeks we will be back on the road with the Great Race driving miles and sharing smiles!!

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