June 22, 2012

This has been a fun and exciting day

The route today had beautiful scenery (At least what I saw when I wasn’t looking at instructions and/or calculating) and the weather was perfect for a rally. It was nice to see the crowds along the road and also at the lunch stop. There has been a big crowd looking at the cars and talking to the racers in the hotel parking lot. My favorite was a young boy of about 3 who was so excited to sit in our car.

There were some excellent scores today (NOT US) but we did have LOTS of fun. Our score of 8.40 was 13th for the day. Gary’s driving was great and there were no problems with Maxine so as navigator I will take responsibility for the score.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day with the official start.From what I hear there is a big send off planned for us.

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