No Turning Back

June 1, 2011

Well we made the 2400 mile tow from California to Chattanooga.  Left the Packard and trailer at Coker Tire while we proceeded to Asheville for a family reunion.  So now we are committed.  Did not get as much driving in the car as we wanted due to last minute issues.  We never think we have done enough preparation.  Now we will drive what we “brung”.  It is hotter here than we expected but hopefully the extra electric fan on the radiator will keep the old Packard cool.  We are looking forward to all of the excitement next week when we return to Chattanooga and get ready to rally.

3 comments about “No Turning Back”

  • Good luck Bill and Carolyn the weather is hot up here in Saratoga 95+ rain is holding off.Lisa
    and I took the TD to Hathaways Drive in Hoosic Tuesday had a great ride. Filled the tank up in
    Bennington then drove up 7a to Arlington nice rolling hills and 313 has new blacktop and guardrails along the Battenkill. Took the short cut home over the mountainl through Shushan car handled the hills fine. The only glitch was the down hill side just outside Battenville theres a stop sign that we had to “roll” through.Mama was just finishing taking asunset video and then she’s holding on for dear life then there was some mention of never riding in this car again! Well we made it home put 100+ miles behind us and I think I can coax her back in for another ride,We took the top down looked like it had never been down.
    We didn’t stay for the movie but had a couple chesseburgers and checked out some nice cars.
    I plan on leaving Bennington Sat morning then to Stowe back to Saratoga wish I was in TN.
    I look foward to Meeting you. Have a safe trip.Mark:)

    • Love the pictures good to see your moving up in the pack need a few more .00’s. Just got a Email notifing us that we won trophy for best drive in car at Hathaways ! Going to see about
      putting radio in TD today. Have a safe day. See you in NY. Mark:)

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