Calibration Finally Started

May 18, 2011

After a couple of weeks of frustration, we finally began some calibration runs with the Packard today.  The frustration was caused by the installation by parties unknown years ago of jets that were way too large in the carburetor.  It sure does run better when the jets are the right size.  Also had trouble with a new master cylinder that had a small leak through the casting of all things.  I had adapted a new dual circuit master cylinder to the car for improved safety.  I kept thinking it was my problem with the lines etc.  Anyway, a new master cylinder seems to have fixed the problem.  So now everything is about ready to go.  Some more calibration runs, more miles for reliability and then it will be time to load up and head for Chattanooga.  Can’t wait to get started.

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  • Bill, Just got 1950 MG TD a couple weeks ago thinking about entering race any hints for a rookie ? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Mark:)

    • Bill, Thanks for the prompt response and advice. Headed out this morning a 5 am for Loudon
      made it about 27miles just heading up a long grade just about half way between Greenwich and Camridge on 327 dropped her down to 3rd gear back to 4th just before the crest of the hill on the downside run I noticed a different sound and a loss of power just after a bend in the road she came to a complete stop no rur rur rur no nothing. hoped to save some money getting gas in VT I was about ten miles shy. Called infinity road side service had to flag down kid with phone couldn’t find mine this morning . Rolled back off the road took out my chair shuffle poured a cup of coffee and waited for the gas . thought about going over the bank kid said good fishing down below. John from Jackson delivered a gallon a little advice about the choke she started right up bid my thanks and good by made it about 700 feet furthur then nothing luckly John was right behind me Itold him I was AAA+ member he reccommended heading home and replacing fuel filter and cleaning out tank. Before this setback the TD running fine practicingng gaugeing speed by using the wind shield wipers cadance, readings on my speedometer are consistently wrong probably due to wheel condition tire size and other unknowns.45is 30 65 is 50 90is70 guess I find out true reading from hopefully a understanding highway patrolman. Taking the Volvo to Hemmings then Kaayak fishing on the Battenkill Thanks again Mark:)

  • Bill, Thanks for the E-mail.Survived my 3 Days fishing on the Battenkill,the water was to high no bites. Took a swim just after the roaring brook enters the river took me by surprise! Lost my Car keys, Shuffle (they still work under water), Best fishing Knife, bottle from!**@ that I found in old drift wood snag a few miles back,2cans of ginger ale,a banana,an apple, my new york post and a bottle of corona. Luckly I just finished my lunch. got to the end of my 20+ mile paddle got out and called tow truck driver John,who told me he was planting his fields and I would have to call VT AAA+.They told me to take a Taxi to Manchester and a locksmith would make new Key.I tried calling family and friends all voice mails. Rode bike to intersection of 61 and 313 Stuck my thumb out and got a lift over the hill through Shusan they left me off on 29 rode bike about 4 miles flagged down old roadster going the other way a backed up and said he had to grt home but wished me luck. The next pick up I flagged down looked at me(I was in my Duluth trader Buck Nakeds and long sleve shirt) and stopped.He was going to Schylerville and ended up bringing me home wouldn’t take any gas money he said to pay it foward. Called Mom and let her know Every thing was fine Grabbed the extra set of Keys for theV70 and the Brother in law drove me back.
    Stopped in to Childs Garage monday told him about gas issues and he said just start it up go fil lit up and dont worry about it. Did as told it only took 5 gallons to fill tank + the 1 gallon John brought me I thought the tank held 10 gallons? Do you know any Mechanics?
    The wierd noise just before the engine cut out could it have been something disslogged aftethat up hill climb the down shift? Gonna take my Mom for a ride down Broadway tonight for the Memorial day Parade talked to a guy from the VFW and he said to meet on North Broadway at 6,cant wait. Went to Hemmings sat for the first time what great cars Hope to go over next Sat working on my Camera Obscura and hope to bring along.Still looking for sponsors I took some pictures of my Muffler guy Sid Stark he may be the start( he wants me to paint his picture on the car) I will put it on a refridgerator magnet and he can make a donation to the Red Cross.Hope everything is well in California RUR RUR RUR Mark:)

  • I’m new to face book so remember I have to look at the keys while i type. My car is going to be in the parade the one with the sign on the back that says”HOW DO YOU GET THERE? JUST FOLLOW THE OLD CAR IN FRONT OF YOU”Hope to see all of you down town Saratoga Springs tonight at 6 my Mom or my navigator Mac will be along for the ride Mark:)

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