Welcome to Baton Rouge!

June 28, 2013

I never thought that I’d see the day that I’d get to visit the real Baton Rouge! That’s where we are tonight. For those of you who know I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Baton Rouge has long been a favorite restaurant of my wife, Marion back home. Tonight I’m in the real deal…staying at the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel. I almost forgot to come back to my room to post my blog. I spent time in the lobby bar chatting with Great Racers Mary & Ted Stahl, John Hollansworth, Bobby Hadskey…well you get the idea. This hotel/casino happens to offer a free concert each and every Friday night. Tonight a tribute band called, Na Na Sha brought back memories of the 50s, 60s and 70s with an awesome sound. It was hard to leave to come back to my room! The racing/rallying today covered the roads from Vicksburg, Mississippi, through Natchez all the way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What a ride! What a competition! What a welcome! In terms of competition, things are heating up…I’m wondering if we are going to have the fist repeat winners since 1998 and 1999 when Rex Gardner and Gary Kuck managed that feat. Tomorrow is Championship Run Day, always the hardest of these Great Race challenges, as we travel through Crowley, LA to finish tomorrow night in Covington, LA. That’s it for tonight…I think that I need to check out the casino!

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  • Hi. I’d like to thank you for your post about br. I am from around there. And im a firefighter in Crowley where yall are heading today. Wish yall had more time to injoy all that br has to offer but glad you got to injoy some. Were waiting here to see yall come through have a fun and safe journey

  • Glad you all enjoyed a ride through Louisiana. I’ve seen Na Na Sha and they are a great group. Even have a fellow who represents Bowser so well! Thursday evening around 5:00 p.m., I caught a few cars passing about 1/3 a mile from my house, on their way to Vicksburg. I wanted to park on Hwy 65 near Transylvania and try to catch a few more passing thru but it was too hot and humid.

  • Got to enjoy all the cars coming through Walker, LA about an hour ago. Even had a chance to talk to a few drivers at the local gas station ever one was so nice……..well except Car 98. He was a major ass to me and my friend. We were told by him that he didnt have time to talk to us and to go away. Really Dude you were just pumping gas! Good Luck to all teams….well almost all of them.

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