Three States in One Day

June 26, 2013

With a Missouri start this morning and a two and a half hour drive through very rural countryside of large fields with crops of corn, soy beans, rice and grains being combined, I finally arrived in our only stop in Arkansas. Getting there early gave me the chance to meet a great local barber, who thought it was time for me to get trimmed up…where I come from one sure can’t get the quality service I received for a mere $12.00! Feeling refreshed, it was time to welcome the Great Racers to Paragould, an old railroad town, responsible for manufacturing the railroad spikes for all rail lines west of the Mississippi! What tremendous enthusiasm in this town. The rain held off. It heated up nicely so that as the cars arrived temperatures in the mid 90s were achieved . It is amazing to me that when we visit communities where the mayors are car “guys” and “gals” the entire community shows up. From there, it was back into the car and back on the road to drive through Memphis, TN to arrive in Germantown. For MotorMouth, it was his third evening stop in this great community (2003 and 2007). With an amazing venue (in the shade), a great local car show and yet another hosted dinner the evening was complete. With Stage 5 in the books, the competition is tightening up. We’re in for a great final four days!

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