Stage 4 Complete!

June 25, 2013

We started our day in Hannibal, Missouri, travelling through scenic Missouri back roads; beautiful rural countryside, huge fields with barley ready for the combine and corn shoulder high (for the farmers back home reading my blogs)! Our lunch stop was in Washington, Missouri. Enthusiastic crowds lined the streets to welcome Great Racers. These historic old “Main” streets make a wonderful backdrop for our old cars.From there, it was a long trek to our day’s final destination of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. What a welcome; right near the mighty, fast flowing Mississippi River. One of the biggest stops in the past few years, both in terms of crowd size, enthusiasm and an unbelievable local car show! A superb ending for Stage 4! Our stop in Cape Girardeau was topped off by a superb hosted dinner…including great fried chicken, gumbo and rice, coleslaw…and Dairy Queen dilly bars!…you get the idea, all the things that I enjoy so much but  shouldn’t  be eating… Oh well, tomorrow I’ll get back on track!

3 comments about “Stage 4 Complete!”

  • I was blown away by the turnout in the Cape! Even before we arrived at our final destination, there were people lined up for miles, Smiling, clapping, thumbs up etc. Young and old, and a couple of dogs to boot! I think we may have made about a hundred new friends in Cape Giradeau!, Our very special thanks for a job well done. It was memorable!

  • It was an honor for our club to park the race cars as they arrived in Cape for this cool event. Thanks to the organizers for allowing Cape Girardeau to host. Looking forward to next year and a bigger and better turnout, if we are on the route.

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