Olivia’s Day 1 Great Race Recap

June 21, 2015

Wow. Still so hard to believe that this years race has already begun. Today the Hemming’s Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty was sent off by the wonderful crowds of Kirkwood, Missouri. Excitement filled the air in Kirkwood as all 117 cars began their journey, and headed towards Rolla. In Rolla were greeted by great folks, as well as great pizza! However, after the delicious lunch it was time to hit the road again! We were greeted in Springfield by delightful people, along with the Great American Tour! It was so great to see all of the beautiful cars on the tour so close to the rally cars. If every day on this race is as good as today, (which I know it will be, if not, better!) then we are going to have one heck of a Great Race.
– olivia gentry

3 comments about “Olivia’s Day 1 Great Race Recap”

  • Nice meeting and speaking with you yesterday… I was the guy on the median as the cars were leaving. We spoke about the “Tour” group and you mentioned your Mom is in the race… hope she’s doing well… I’m going to check the results next.
    The 2 guys driving the 1964 Volvo 122S in the “Tour” group are my friends Mike and Doug from here in St.Louis… Mike actually lives in Kirkwood. If you see them… tell them I said to “Roll-On”…
    Hope you have a fun race… looking forward to read your blog.

  • Olivia, Great blogging! If time allows, help me figure who has the most mechanical issues along the way. I’ll meet you all in Santa Monica, to award the Pink Monkey (which fell to me in last year’s GR!).


  • My navigator, Cory, and I ran this race coast to coast in 2007 in a 57 Chevy. I’m enjoying reading all the blogs and updates on this year’s banner event. Great Racing!!! Les

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