Oh the way!!

June 18, 2013


Martin Vrooom is on the way to Minneapolis.  We left this morning bringing a new support driver, Jimmy Morgan.  He is a car guy, former short track racer and lifetime friend of Gary’s.  This will be his first Great Race and we have been giving him the “scoop” on the fun, excitement and competition of the Great Race. While we have been explaining the responsibilities of support to Jimmy it made me think of the important role support crews play in the event.  After a long day on the rally it is nice to have support crews available in the evening to help with various tasks. Although Gary is glad to have a car guy with him the big advantage to me is having someone to help with room check in/luggage.  Just like any family, the Great Race family has many members with various responsibilities and our support crews are an essential part of the family. Thanks to all the support crew guys and gals!!

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  • Jeanne and Gary, Richard and our support crew (David and Gerry)Teams 28 and 58 departed heading for Minneapolis the morning. Ed, Bill and I will join them tomorrow. David and Gerry are essential to our success, well Richard and Bill’s success anyway. We all need their help and support. See ya’ll Wednesday!!!


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