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April 15, 2011

The phones are ringing, email is burning up the internet and the mailman just asked us if it was Christmas cause of all the mail coming in on the Great Race. Our people are working hard to get things ready for the Hemmings Motor News 2011 Great Race. Things are really hopping!

Like a Broadway production, the actors (those of you who will be competing) will be supported by a cast of thousands. Here at Great Race headquarters, a dozen people are involved in getting finish gate chutes, finish line blow-ups, sound systems, banners, and all the logistics of the race pulled together. Down on the third floor, our marketing folks are working on getting the trophies, memorabilia and all the other souvenir material and apparel manufactured and ready. And across the country, along our route, our city hosts are recruiting local car clubs, Boy Scouts, cheerleaders, school bands and a host of other volunteers to help make sure their stop in their city is the most memorable one for each racer.

And every day I get to talk with rookies and veterans about the Great Race! Most call thinking they have a 2 minute question and by the time we hang up it’s been 25 minutes. I love talking with Great Race folks. I get stoked up for June 11th to get here, every time the phone rings and I get to visit with an old friend, or a soon to be friend.

The Great Racer program is coming together and promises to be a great source of information for everyone, racers and the public alike. For all of you thinking about coming along with us, you need to just go ahead and fill out the form and send it in and enter. If you haven’t entered and gotten us you photos by May 1st, we’re not going to be able to get your team and your ride in our program, and that would be a crying shame.

See you in June!!

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